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Eco Jewellery

Being green is something very important to me in my life, so of course it’s important in my business too – it’s not a sales gimmick – it’s me doing something I’m passionate about.

I’m always looking for new ways to make sure I am running my business responsibly, here are some of the ways I currently make a positive impact:

list-star  The servers that run this website are wind powered.

list-star  I’m now using recycled silver in all my molecules. I’m still selling my other stock – so check on the product page to see if the piece you chose is part of the newest recycled batch.

list-star  I plant a tree for every piece of jewellery sold.

list-star  I use recycled FSC packaging and recycled tissue paper and cards.

list-star  I reduced the size of my packaging, making it lighter and smaller to ship.

list-star  I use local services whenever possible and I work with people who are also working hard to be eco friendly.

It’s also important to me to support my local community so don’t be surprised if you find me mentoring creative students at the University and supporting new businesses.

When you buy from me, do so in the knowledge that you are supporting a small business that cares. One day I hope to update this page to include my dream of having a solar powered studio and home.

Your custom makes a difference. Thank you!